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Innove is a leading provider for various CD jewel case and DVD cases, dedicated to the multimedia packaging industry in China since 1988 and has been established as a renowned supplier worldwide ...

As a professional manufacturer in this area, we offer the widest range of cd dvd cases, from normal cases made of recycled material to high quality lead-free boxes, both hand-pack grade cases and automated machine packable cd dvd cases …

We care what the clients care for! To balance the low cost and good quality, to satisfy demands from medium through to high-end markets. We manage to offer our clients: Same prices, better quality; and same quality, lower prices!  Read more >>

Automatic packing ->
Available models of DVD cases and CD jewel cases compatible with automatic packing machines:
  • 14mm Standard DVD case
  • 10.4mm Standard CD Case

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Clear, black, slimline, standard, 7mm 9mm, 14mm, 10mm, 5.2mm, single, double, multiple, cd case, dvd case, digitray, cd sleeve, opp bag, .